Flat Hunter establishes many partnerships to provide a large networking system to our many clients during the different stages of the buying process.

              Do you wish to serve our clients in order to bring them high quality service at preferential conditions? Inquire with us.

              Our clients are in constant need of services throughout the buying process, our job is to connect them with confidence to top tier “partners.”

              Our partners consist of – but are not limited to – renovation experts (architects, decorators…), financial services (credit remittance and exchange…), legal assistance (English speaking notaries, lawyers, tax consultants…), property management and movers.

              We maintain a requirement of excellence and choose our partners with care in order to provide our buyers with a consistent and irreproachable experience. In addition, our clients are attracted to our partners’ services due to the reservation of preferential conditions such as:

              • First consultation free
              • Reduction of fees
              • Fee-free periods

              Don't hesitate to contact us.

              Our Partners

              france home finance
              france home finance
              haven in paris
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